Final Exam - Art 1

1.) Which project was your favorite or most successful this semester? Please explain. 
I think that the Clay Tile Project was the best and most successful in my opinion. I believe that this was the best art project i did because it was very easy and it was a fun project. This was hard to make but it turned out to be really good.As you can see here the actual real picture looked 3-D and so did the project and that made me feel great. :)

2.) Regardless of wheather you liked or disliked a project, which one did you learn, grow, or developed the most from? Please Explain 
The Acrylic Landscape Painting this was rather the hardest project. I think that this was really hard because the mixing and layers of the painting. The layers made it really difficult to paint on it and then making everything was really hard. I grow on this painting and project because realized if I messed up on something I could always come back to it and paint over it, because everything is possible in ART!!!

3.) Choose 1 piece of Art that you used skills and techniques learned from previous projects. Discuss your growth as an artist and how you incorporated these skills and techniques to create the piece.
This Stencils Porject was really a project that i did from learning from others. I learned that i should take my time and finish something at a pace that is right for me so i can do something correctly. I grow as an artist by knowing how to trace better and cut out anything. This picture is from the glow sticks that we used to fill in the cuts of the stenciles with the light.

4.) Which project do you feel was the least important in learning the concepts taught in this course? Please Explain
I believe that the cups in the fence was the most unimportant project. This was my dissection becasue we FAILed at it because the fench was way too big and we coulden't finish the project. Also when we tryed to make it the weather was bad and everywhere was wet. Also people in the groups coulden't finsih because they didn't bring the supplys. This picture is of a Megaman Cup Design that turned out great from the look of it, off Google.

5.) Choose a piece or artwork where the subject matter reflects you as an artist. One that you have a personal connection to. Please explain your choice.
I choose this Acrylic Landscape Painting again because its really neat. I can connect to it by all the things in it, first its a horrer/scary setting which i really like horror movies. Every charecter i put her are what me and my friends like and thats a great connection. Then the Slender-Man is an internet thing that everyone talks about and turned out really neat. I also add a Batman Signal because i love all the Batman movies and the charater in general and i think this was the one i connected to the most.

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