Friday, September 21, 2012

Value Portraits

While making this value portrait it was really difficault getting the out line cause I didnt really know how to but it turned out correctly. We had to find shapes and i could not find them cause half the paper was really dark. I found different shapes some where dark and light but at the end i really dident need most of them. My work is really messy cause its rubbed against my other side of the sketch book and it got ruined. one obstacle what that one side what just really dark and i couldnt see it and find shapes which sucked and i happen next time i could do better.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hey guys, this was what we used to make moss graffiti. I didn't really make anything because there was no room to make something on the wall. I tried to make something but it turned out bad and i just made a circle which was awesome! Come back for more Thanks!

Cartman From SouthPark

Hello Friends, this is my drawing of Cartman from South Park. Well his skeleton. I don't really like it cause its really bad and not neat but i can do better next time. I think next time if i tryed harder i would do better but then again I don't always draw. Hope you liked it and come back for more.